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CertCop is a Divison of Secbay Inc,

Secbay offers a comprehensive range of information security and Biometrics training certification and consulting services and solutions to help enterprises align their cybersecurity strategy and information systems with their business objectives. Secbay’s information security services range from design, development & project management of custom software applications as well as maintenance of existing applications. Secbay understands today’s security challenges and provides solutions that ensure its customers receive strategic and technical benefits for their customized systems.

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Looking for Group Training options?

CertCop Cybersecurity Training program options allow your organization to create a customized training program for ten students or more, anywhere in the world.

CertCop offers excellent options for commercial and as well as for government organizations around the world. Cybersecurity training programs will be specifically designed to meet your needs using our top hands-on training content, world-class technology, and instruction. CertCop provides you with the latest courses and Certified trainers for the classroom (on-site), Virtual Live programs, or a hybrid session (pre-recorded training/on-demand with a live instructor session).

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Access to all our vendor Neutral Certifications (On-demand & Virtual Live) Real-World Applicability Ensure that you receive in-depth knowledge which you can immediately apply to real-world challenges

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Take practice exams to find your wrong answers, and Mock exams are just like real exams with the same number of questions and time so that you will get a gist of the real exam before you take it up.

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24x7 Access to your course materials and instructor notes just log in to your dashboard and get everything right there.

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