Certified Cybercop – Blue Team

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What Will I Learn?

  • The Certified Cybercop Blue Team program is designed to teach and evaluate real defensive security abilities across a wide variety of blue-team disciplines, making it ideal for newcomers to the sector as well as seasoned security professionals.

Topics for this course

33 Lessons18h 11m 04s

Certified Cybercop – Blue Team

Bash Programming00:38:22
Security Information and Event Management00:27:56
Incident Response Toolkit00:21:32
Policies to Mitigate Risk00:19:20
Blue Team Methodology00:44:23
Cryptography and PKI00:30:07
Kali Linux Bash Scripting00:26:47
Mobile Device Hacking- part 101:06:42
Mobile Device Hacking- part 200:08:51
Recruiting Blue Team Members00:20:22
Threat and Vulnerability Management00:36:47
Vulnerability Scanning Part 100:16:27
Vulnerability Scanning part 200:25:48
What is a Linux Server-Shifting through Services – Part 101:23:04
What is a Linux Server-Shifting through Services – Part 200:59:43
Identity and Access (IAM)00:51:37
Linux Firewalls00:38:58
Linux Package Management Part 100:20:56
Linux Package Management Part 200:43:46
Setting Localization Options00:19:42
Intro to Linux00:52:04

Certified Cybercop – Blue Team Labs

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  • This course requires a basic familiarity with TCP/IP and operating system principles. It's a plus if you're familiar with the Linux command line, network security monitoring, and SIEM technologies. Some fundamental security concepts are expected at this level.

Target Audience

  • Security/Network Defenders
  • Security enthusiasts
  • Students
  • Entry-level Cybersecurity Positions