Certified Cybercop Red Team -Offensive Security

The Certified Cybercop Red Team Certified Training is meant to turn you into a powerful Red Team expert who can defend against cyber attacks and conduct successful penetration testing to detect them. Our Red Team Training course is accredited and organized, and it includes all of the tools and strategies you’ll need to become a competent Red Team Cyber Security specialist. With the Cybercop Red Team expert training, you will learn to imitate the thought process and attitude of hackers and digital criminals in order to offensively protect sensitive IT infrastructure.


Red Team




Complementary Courseware

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Exam Details:

  • Course Name:  Certified CyberCop – Red Team
  • Course Number:  CertCopRT02  
  • Required exam – CCRT-E023
  • Number of questions – Maximum of 100
  • Types of questions – Multiple-choice and performance-based
  • Length of test – 180 minutes
  • Passing score – 70% – This test has no scaled score; it’s pass/fail only.
  • Languages – English
  • Retirement – Usually three years after launch
  • Testing Provider – Online proctoring: ExamIT.com
  • Certification Exam Voucher – $395 USD
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Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Red Team
  • Red Team Methodology
  • Legal/Regulatory Compliance
  • Recruiting Red Team Members
  • Scoping and Rules of Engagement
  • Reconnaissance (Information Gathering/Discovery)
  • Enumeration / Foot printing
  • Shell Scripting / Programming Languages
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Exploit Frameworks/Exploit Kits
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Red Team Report Writing (Remediation/Action Plan)
  • Purple Team (Red Team Interface with Blue Team)
  • Wireless Networking
  • Incident Response
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Device Hacking
  • Tools/Labs

Virtual Live Training

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On-Demand Training

Train anywhere, anytime. Master all exam objectives through learning content enhanced with videos, Confirm your learning progress with an included practice test.

What do our Customers say?

Understanding of this course will help you to know more about Offensive security
Cloud Engineer
Easy to understand the pentesting and I got to know why red team is more Important.
Software Developer