The CertCop partnership program is designed to help its members improve their brand recognition and market impact in Cyber Security. Partnering with Certcop will enhance the participants’ learning experience and indirectly have a positive effect on the Cyber Security industry by training individuals with relevant skillset.

Training Partner

For training providers with a primary focus on providing IT training using any of the delivery methods supported by CertCop.Training partners agree to promote CertCop training and provide the infrastructure for classroom delivery, administered by CertCop. This is done to ensure that participants receive high-quality training that has come to be expected of CertCop.
The CertCop training partner program is designed to increase our certification program’s reach using training delivery partners who have a successful track record of providing IT training. This program provides our partners with significant financial incentives and sales and marketing resources to increase the visibility of all involved members.
Potential partners are first enrolled in our Authorized Reseller Program. After a one year performance review period, qualifying partners will be allowed to qualify for Gold and Platinum tier partnerships. There is no cost to enroll in the Authorized Reseller Program. Please fill out the form, and we will get in touch shortly.

Technology Partner

Cyber Security technology vendors want to gain visibility with decision-makers and practitioners who will participate in the Certcop program. Technology partners will assist in supplementing the training experience with hands-on activities.
The CertCop technology partner program is designed to bring Cyber Security industry vendors into our training programs and increase our participants’ exposure to commercially available technologies. Our hands-on activities are a unique aspect of our training program, and the technology partnership program provides vendors with an opportunity to showcase their latest products. Partner products will be integrated into our curriculum to demonstrate the various nuances of the specific technology. Our goal is to provide participants with experience with the latest technologies.

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