Certified Virtual Live Trainer

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Certified Virtual Live Trainer

Domain 1 Introduction/Planning00:21:57
Domain 2 Evaluating Learner’s Needs13:44
Domain 3 Managing the Technical Classroom00:38:46
Domain 4 Engaging Students Through Instructional Methodology00:42:07
Domain 5 Managing Instructor Materials23:25
Domain 6 Instructing With Confidence26:22
Module 7 Leading a Successful Class00:23:52
Domain 8 Managing Learner Centered Instruction00:25:06
Domain 9 Promoting Learner Engagement00:34:00
Domain 10 Motivating Adult Learners00:25:30
Domain 11 Evaluating Learner Competencies00:16:17
Domain 12 Evaluating Instructor and Course Performance00:21:14
Domain 13 Impact of Chatbots and ChatGPT01:06:14
CVLT CertCop Outro00:01:00

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