Our Mission & Vision

  • CertCop is a Cyber Security Training Division of Secbay, Inc. Secbay, Inc. was founded in 2005 with only one mission in mind to provide cutting-edge, world-class vendor-neutral Cybersecurity solutions and services to mid to large corporations and government organizations worldwide. CertCop team
  • Members have an average Information Technology industry experience of 20 plus years.
  • Being a very experienced and knowledge transfer company, CertCop is committed to boosting its clients’ organizational effectiveness by efficiently providing cost-effective, optimal, and integrated.
  • Cybersecurity knowledge transfer solutions and services. CertCop strive to ensure customer satisfaction with excellence in services. Helping our clients get the best training possible out of their investments in
  • Cyber Security remains our top priority.

Why Choose CertCop?

CertCop Team sets the highest standards for Cyber Security training and certification programs. According to the non-profit I.T. security organization, ISC2, there are currently over 2 million Cybersecurity positions open and unfilled around the world. Further, Cyberseek, a mapping tool of supply and demand in the security job market, reports over 300,000 open Cybersecurity positions available in the U.S. alone.
CertCop, A Cybersecurity training division of Secbay, Inc., based out of Oak Brook, IL, USA, understands the critical requirements of an effective Cyber Security workforce and as well as the next generation of world-class training. Some of our key management team members have been in the I.T. certification training industry since its inception from 1991.
CertCop and its partner’s training experience demonstrate the ability to meet and exceed most of our clients’ expectations. CertCop Team is uniquely qualified to provide Instructor-led hands-on virtual Live and on-site training mostly anywhere in the world. When it comes to an understanding of the nature and complexity of mission-critical training projects, CertCop Team is the one you can count on. Suppose you require training at U.S. federal locations where security clearance is an essential part of the process. In that case, CertCop is the company you want to contact us; we have a veteran workforce with security clearance.
Core Focus
We combine the latest Cyber tools with original in-house designs to develop customized and advanced Cyber Security programs to meet the client requirements. CertCop offers training programs in the area of
Pen testing using Kali Linux, Cyber Security Management, Incident Handling & Disaster Recovery, Application Security, Secure Coding, and customized SOC training programs according to client requirements.

CertCop and Biometrics Training and Certifications 

Secbay, Inc. is the creator of the industry’s most comprehensive Biometrics Security Training and certification programs and has teamed together with SaiFirst Corporation to provide the first Biometrics Security Professional Certification and is managed under

Certification Exams

CertCop is an approved ExamIT online Testing Partner. This makes it convenient for all our clients to schedule and proctor online for CertCop professional certification exams. CertCop also offers an option to be tested right after completing the training program to qualified candidates. Candidates who require additional study and exam prep time can be scheduled according to their convenience later. This alleviates the lost person-hours associated with sending your candidates to an off-site testing/proctor location.

What people say?

Best CyberSecurity training ever!
senior Developer
Certified Biometrics Security Engineer instructor review. Very knowledgeable with industry experience. Was able to solve a lot of my implementation issues with the knowledge gained from the class.T.A
Adam Cheise
Biometrics Officer