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Course Description

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a US government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to assessing and monitoring cloud-based systems’ security.
Achieving FedRAMP authorization can be a challenging task without proper training. Certcop FedRAMP training will cover all requirements and cover some common pitfalls that CSPs may encounter during FedRAMP efforts and offer proven guidance to avoid them. CSPs can save time and money on the way to achieving government sector growth by learning about all the requirements, 7 Pillars of Self Assessment, a more profound understanding of FedRAMP, and the level of effort that is required to complete a FedRAMP assessment.


Program Objectives

Accelerate the adoption of secure cloud solutions through reuse of assessments and authorizations
Improve confidence in the security of cloud solutions and security assessments
Achieve consistent security authorizations using a baseline set of agreed-upon standards for cloud product approval in or outside of FedRAMP
Ensure consistent application of existing security practices
Increase automation and near real-time data for continuous monitoring


This class is intended for individuals with basic knowledge of information systems and the cloud computing environment. It is recommended to take the FISMA/NIST 3 or 4-day as a prerequisite class.

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